Welcome to the site of the Olympic Residence, set to be the most luxurious and desirable property in Mongolia. We at Mongolian Properties are very excited to unveil this new development, as it not only redefines the levels of luxury available to residents in Ulaanbaatar, but makes Ulaanbaatar a truly contemporary city with buildings to rival those of any other city in the world.
Ulaanbaatar Ulaanbaatar

Ulaanbaatar has developed into a metropolis under Mongolia’s economic boom.

Mongolia Mongolia

Mongolia is one of the fastest growing, fully functioning economies in all of Asia. Following the recent discovery of gold and large amounts of minerals,

Layouts Layouts

The Olympic will be multi-purposed 16 floor building. The second and third floor will be set aside for office, retail, and restaurants, with floors four through dedicated to condominiums, duplexes, and penthouse suites.

Location Location

Centrally located next to Mongolia’s central park with views of the Boghd Khan mountain range.

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8 Reasons to Invest in Mongolia

Mongolia VAT is 10% and there is no capital appreciation tax.

Mongolia has the 2nd largest coal deposits in the world and the 3rd largest copper deposits in the world

China consumes more Coal & Copper than any country in the world.

Rio Tinto (stock ticker) bought $5 Billion USD of copper/coal mining rights

China Investment Corporation invested $100 Million USD in South Gobi Energy.

+3,000 Executives and their families moving to Mongolia in 2010/11

Lack of Luxury Housing Supply to meet influx in Demand

High Rental Yields of up to 18%. Olympic Project offers investors total returns of 30% - 40%

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